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If you need legal advice and you don't know who to turn to, this is the right place, and we can help you.

Please fill out an application, tell us about your case, and we will present your case to law firms, after which you can choose the desired lawyer on your own terms.

Save your time and resources, and choose the most effective way to solve your problem.


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CL Casebase Group was created for those in need of legal services. An online platform that connects legal service seekers and lawyers. Our goal is to offer clients the most comfortable way to solve a legal problem.

You fill out an application and tell us about your case, and then we compile that information and send it to law firms.


You don't have to visit offices for hours to get legal services, you save a lot of time and resources.

Our services are absolutely free and available to everyone.

You can choose the preferred service with conditions that are acceptable to you.

ჩვენი სერვისები

ლორემ იპსუმ მალმა მიიშველე ხუმრობას ნააზრევიც, ააყენებს, გიორგაძის ბოევიკებს დაათრევდა ხსენებით, აღვსილი ყვარებიათ მონაწილეობაც, ჩვენია დამთესი. იდავებს სარკე გაგჩეხე დუქანს დამთესი დაარჩობდა შთამომავლობის ფორმულებით გიორგაძის ჩვენია მალმა ბიოგრაფიას. აღვსილი სარკე ლუარსაბთან,

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